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  When your family meets some disease of respiratory failure, what can you help them? When your husband has the snoring customs in the night and influence your normal sleep, how can you do? And when your baby can breathe the air well, and has the dangerous of life, what can you do for them?

   As various reasons cause the disease of respiratory in modern society, such as the environment pollution, the weather differences, the bigger pressure of human’s work, more and more doctors pay attention to these respiratory disease now. And also now many companies have been more and more concern about the health of this kind disease. Perlong Medical in China is one of these companies, who establish their professional manufacturing team to produce kinds of medical equipment to help in this area, such as Ventilator, CPAP system, BiPap household medical products, to help patient recover from these respiratory disease. So what is the functions and differences between their Ventilators and CPAP system and BiPap equipment?

   As we know, the patient with respiratory failures, they can breath the air properly. Ventilators will help on this, for example, Perlong Model S1100 ventilator can provide the patients with a tidal volume air flow with 0-2000mL, and it can supply both O2 and Air for the patients with adjusting range from 21%-100%, very accurate adjusting. It has different ventilation mode, such as A/C, IPPV, PSV, PCV, CPAP, SIMV, SIGH, MANUAL, the doctors can choose different mode according to the condition of different patients. Even it can be used in the ambulance transportation and surgical operation outside, respiration medicine and operation room of various types of hospitals.

   BiPap ventilator is a good help to improve the custom of snoring. It is with built-in battery and can be used for a long time after full-charged. It can also equip with a humidifier to improve the humidity of the air breathing in. While a CPAP system is used to the children and baby specially for oxygen uptake. The doctors can adjust the oxygen concentration and pressure according to their needs. And with a reliable CPAP control valve and advanced pressure monitoring system for improvement of the CPAP adjustment precision, the equipment can get a very good monitoring effect. Also it has a long life oxygen sensor with accurate alarm setting, which can also promise the precision of oxygen concentration and air concentration at real time. For example, for Perlong Model CPAP200A, its continuous air flow range is form 2-20L/min, its oxygen concentration adjusting range is from 21-100%, while its CPAP adjusting range is from 0-15cmH2O. It also has the function of alarm system, such as low air/oxygen concentration alarm, high/low oxygen concentration alarm, pressure limit out alarm, and so on…

   Anyway, now with the development of medical equipment, doctors can do more to help their patients, and in this processing, the companies for medical equipment will help a lot. We hope our life will be easier in the future, and can solve more complicated disease. Cherish your life!

Medical Ventilator System with CE Approved

    Perlong Medical, launches our newest and popular product Ventilator CPAP system NLF-200A at the early season in 2012, and wins good reputation form the users in domestic market and overseas.

    It is gas driven electronically controlled, time switch type synchronous ventilator, special for children, and new borns. And usually mainly used to whom with difficulty breathing, and with bad two lung inflatable functions, early or mild-to-moderate neonatal respiratory distress and premature apnea neonatal and so on.

    This device even is without the high fame like the big brands, such as Stephen type B , KD300CPAP and Switzerland – Aladdin, but also with high quality and stable performance. Trust us, it can also be applicable to the freshmen pediatric, pediatric intensive (NICU PICU) for patients with acute pneumonia, pulmonary hemorrhage type I and type II respiratory failure, shock and heart failure and hypoxemia diseases such as premature newborn infant patients. So, high and stable performance, with most competitive price, our NLF-200A will bring you a lot.

    The biggest advantages of this machine.
    Firstly, it is based on non-invasive continuous airway positive pressure ventilation, easy for doctor use, and let patients free from the sickness torture in a large degree. Continuous oxygen, easy to improve the safety of oxygen therapy effectiveness, can meet the basic requirements of patients surgery needs.

    Secondly, according to the international standard configurations, our CPAP NLF-200A is equipped with main engine (air supply parameters adjustment, LCD, safety protection and alarm system, empty oxygen mixing device, oxygen concentration meter, patients joint), air pipelines and frame, more important, we can also make this machine with medical air compressor and humidifier, easy to operate.

    Thirdly, with built-in air oxygen mixed devices, so, we can realize the real-time monitoring of Oxygen concentration; avoid the newborn with oxygen caused by the improper complications and adverse consequences to ensure that oxygen concentration regulation is stable and reliable.

    Fourthly, we equip the rhinobyon, with three common sizes, comfortable; to meet different face sizes of new borns, avoid air leaking, so you can choose the optimal model.
And then, it equipped with built-in backup battery, when AC power failure, backup power can work for 3 hours;

    More, we offer manual ventilation mode of pressure limit, doctors can operate by the buttons replacing manual bag ventilation to save treatment time.
And also, it is quipped with built-in oxygen/air blender, ensuring O2 concentration adjustment to be stable.

    At last, this item with so many advantages, providing a safe, controllable oxygen concentration, effectively maintaining functional residual capacity (FRC), helping to reduce baby’s breathing work, providing a better temperature humidity gas and also obviously reduce chronic lung disease (CLD) incidence, our CPAP system NLF-200A will be your best choice! Hurry up to have a look at this product!

Medical Exhibition 2013 MEDICA Dusseldorf, Germany

 MEDICA exhibition in the world, the medical field is known as a symbol of new technology and innovation , is the world's leading integrated medical exhibition , is recognized as the world's largest hospital and medical equipment exhibition , with its irreplaceable size and influence among World medical trade show in the first place . Every year, from more than 130 countries and regions, nearly 4,000 one thousand exhibitors, the total exhibition area of 170,000 square meters .

World- famous companies and the production of conventional hospital equipment , medical products manufacturing companies are MEDICA exhibition launch new products , promote new technologies ; 2011 exhibition from more than 60 countries, more than 4,800 manufacturers in 14 galleries met with 137,500 visitors , the organizers also held a number of special events and meetings , such as the exhibitor seminars , Medica physical Therapy Forum , Medica outlook , Medica Media, Medica IT forum , life sciences and life sciences Forum design Award and other activities.

further our understanding of medical information and information multidisciplinary nature of the exchange and its application status and future development of the context , with the application of e-health trends uncertain, many from around the world gathered in this medical informatics company (medicine informatics) teams getting larger and larger , remote medical informatics the core of the six themes are: the medical staff and the patient's electronic identity cards, medical mobile communications , integrated health care , expert systems, digital archiving.

1 , medical electronic equipment, ultrasound equipment ,X-ray equipment, medical optical instruments, clinical laboratory analysis equipment, dental equipment and materials , hemodialysis equipment , anesthesia breathing equipment, etc.
2 , disposable medical supplies, dressings and sanitary materials , all kinds of surgical instruments , etc.
3 , hospital wards , operating rooms, emergency room , hospital and office equipment
4 , health care equipment , home health care supplies, etc.

perlong medical will attend this exhibition  ,welcome all customer to come and visit


Perlong Booth No.:16E60-4

 Site:Dusseldorf, Germany


newborn baby cpap system

Continuous positive airway pressure, is a treatment that uses mild air pressure to keep the airways open. CPAP typically is used by people who have breathing problems, such as sleep apnea.CPAP system also may be used to treat preterm infants whose lungs have not fully developed. For example, doctors may use CPAP to treat infants who have respiratory distress syndrome or bronchopulmonary dysplasia (brong-ko-PULL-mun-ary dis-PLA-ze-ah).

Advantages of cpap ventilation are as following.1 to give the baby to provide a safe and controlled oxygen concentration (FIO2)(2) be able to effectively maintain the functional residual capacity (FRC)3 can be done to help reduce the work of breathing infants (WOB)4 can reduce the need for invasive mechanical ventilation5 to give the baby a better temperature and humidity gas (T)6 can significantly reduce chronic lung disease (CLD) incidence7 is able to improve some of the non-lung physiological indicators, such as height, weight, etc.


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Digital gastrointestinal X-ray equipment prices quotation how much _ digital gastrointestinal X-ray equipment

Many people when just appear gastrointestinal disease is often neglected, with the passage of time illness directly affect our life, study and work. So we gi problems found in the first time, you should immediately go to a hospital checking, so as to make treatment in time.

How much digital gastrointestinalX-ray equipment?

With the development of social economy and the improvement of people's living standard, the rapid growth demand for digital medical equipment. Poured into the Chinese market at present in addition to foreign digital medical equipment, domestic brands have many are participating in market competition. Want to know about digital gastrointestinal X-ray equipment price quotation, you can consult relevant brand of customer service.

At present domestic brands, and to perlong medical production directly digital PLD8800 sales the best medical diagnostic X-ray machine. Perlong medical, established in 1993, owns 11 subsidiaries, is set product development, production, sales and service as one integrated entity medical equipment enterprises. After years of accumulation, and constantly provide the market with high quality and innovative products and technical services. Look at this product of perlong medical, it has a cover an area of an area small, simple operation, wide adaptation range, host, large power and high inverter frequency, image clarity, etc, and truly achieve pluripotent in one. Click on the image below letter, you can view the product details.

(perlong medical brand - direct digital medical diagnostic X-ray machine PLD8800)

Domestic high frequency the agent of imported perspective X-ray machine production | brand of portable X-ray perspective the vendors would offer much

Science and technology with each passing day, the perspective X-ray machine is widely used in our country, as people's cognitive expands unceasingly, the X-ray penetration, difference absorption, light and fluorescence has received more and more applications. The perspective of the X-ray machine principle of work and how? Perspective X-ray machine x-rays through the body, as the density of human body each place is different, so is the extent of absorption is different also, such as bone absorption of the X-ray quantity is more than the number of muscle absorption, so through the body after the X-ray quantity is different, thus carries the various parts of the body density distribution of information, thus or photographic film on the screen (after developing, fixing) will show the different density shadow. Finally the doctor according to the depth of the image contrast, combined with the clinical manifestation, laboratory test results and pathological diagnosis, can judge whether a part of normal human body. Perspective there are many different kinds of X-ray machine on the market at present, such as X-ray machines, portable high frequency perspective perspective X-ray machine, etc., if you import perspective on domestic high-frequency X-ray machine production agent what are interested in, here recommend you nanjing perlong's video equipment co., LTD. Our company is engaged in video production equipment industry has more than 10 years. 

(perlong products - C arm X-ray machine PLX7000C)

Since it was founded in 1993, Nanjing Perlove Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd. is growing stronger, :"Perlong X-ray machine" has become the industry well-known brands in the country. As the market matures, the industry competition between products, product price competition, are gradually transforming to "service competition" levels, more and more enterprises realize that advanced products and quality service is the enterprise to win, and after-sales service as the window of and customers keep close contact, in the development of enterprises play an increasingly important role. In the increasingly fierce market competition, improve customer satisfaction is the best way to survive. Company 7000 series C arm fluoroscopy X-ray machines and other products is available in the market caused great repercussions. In addition to good product research and development technology, the company's products after-sales and customer is priority, customer is our food and clothing parents, and we do have to do all the work of implement are in order to make the customer satisfied, only customer satisfaction, our work is well done, productive, efficiency. Over the years, we always take customer satisfaction as the standard, 100% effort, achievement customers 100% satisfaction, 100% worry. Service is intangible, but the service is valuable. Especially in recent years, the company more and more cases of after-sales service fully make everyone aware of the importance of the service. So service is like highway operation of buffer in the chain, brand and quality is the important standard of service is good or not, the employee service consciousness to expand corporate visibility and improve quality service plays an important role, so I work as a after-sales service personnel, with sincerity, sincere, solid, and enthusiasm to treat every customer, from deep inside establish a sense of service, play to their professional service level, make our service level, improve service quality to a new level. Can only make enterprises to improve the service quality, believe that through our in after-sales service quality enhances unceasingly. To create a better performance, will have a more brilliant tomorrow!

See so much, if you have more confidence about our products or brand of portable X-ray perspective the vendors would offer how many problems you are interested, welcome to click on the website customer service on the right side window, the company is engaged in the health care industry for nearly 20 years, business scope wide, products include: blood cell count, hemoglobin meter, etc., welcome the masses of customers to come to exchanges and cooperation! 

Digital x ray shooting machine vendors would offer --- how much digital filmmaking X-ray machine

Shooting machine, as you know, hospital is used in the human head, chest, abdomen, lumbar, limbs and other parts for general photography, some piece of photography and high kv photography; Equipped with vertical photo frame, can be used in regular head, chest, abdominal, pelvic, spinal and peripheral endings photography. Many of the hospital as hospital routine medical apparatus and instruments, procurement staff all the time attention to the latest market prices.

Shoot digital x ray machine how many money?

Product is very competitive at home and abroad, the overseas import filming machine while quality is good, but due to the digital x ray shooting machine factory house price has been high, so many people are turning to the domestic products. The present domestic market brands should be perlong medical performance is more prominent.

Perlong medical high-frequency X-ray camera PLX160, 200 ma is a shooting machine, has many parts, position and size of the adult, children's photography human characteristics, such as parameters, clinical can modify and save the parameters, and make the operation more simple. Graphical color touch LCD screen parameter Settings, cooperate with remote monitoring the exposure control mode, the operation is simple and clear, at the same time it also has a number of automatic protection and fault prompt functions. This instrument not only has high cost performance, at the same time perlong medical will also provide you with timely and thoughtful after-sales service and accessories products. Directly click on the image below the scarlet letter can learn more.

(perlong medical brand - high frequencyX-ray camera PLX1600)

If you need isn't machine production, it doesn't matter! Perlong medical and enzyme standard instrument, blood cell analyzer, snoring breathing machine, portable ventilators medical equipment for use in many departments, such as login our official website can directly understand the information